Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I almost forgot to post this!  Our lives are so busy and crazy right now!!  The girls had Jason a surprise party in March.  They (Lu) planned it out and it was so fun.  It was by invite only and there was a guest list!  We love you Daddy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

cousins visit!!

the girls ready for bed!

I had to turn this black and white due to the spaghetti dinner! haha

Weezie and Bella wouldn't leave the baby's side while I was taking her pic!

My sis and nieces came up last week for their Spring break.  It was so good to see them all and spend time together.  I know it wasn't relaxing for my sis but I really enjoyed the company!  Our girls have a great time together.  Lu and Violet were excited for Grace to take them to school and meet their friends.  I did a little practicing with my new camera skills.  This was the first time for them to meet Bella and Weezie and of course they enjoyed the new attention!  Thanks for a great week!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Violet turns 3!

I just can't describe Violet!  She is keeping me busy!!  Love the little thing to death and so blessed to have her as a daughter.  She gives the best hugs and loves her sis!  We celebrated at Monkey Joe's with a chocolate princess cake and candles.  I love how she keeps it simple.  
Hope you get a feel for her from these pics!

Friday, February 25, 2011

PJ day for V!

Here is Viley ready for PJ day at school!

quick trip to PG

We traveled to PG in Jan for the weekend for Kathryn's Baptism.  It was a special day to be a part of in my niece and extended family.  I pray she grows to love Jesus and feel special because she is his child.  Enjoy the pics from her special day.  (I admit, I had to switch to "cheat mode" for a few!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow day and BCS!

Kick off 

2nd quarter

By half time, they were all out!
We were able to enjoy another snow!  Finally, the girls look and stayed warm!!  Bella loves being out and Weezie is a wimp!
With the snow came NO SCHOOL for 3 days!  We let the girls stay up to watch the game and you can tell they really enjoyed it! haha  War EAGLE!

(also, these were all taken manuel, no flash)

Back to school!

Finally, after years of wanting to, I'm talking photography classes!  Saturday was my first day and it was interesting to back in a learning mode!  I will now be taking all my pics in manual mode- no more instant!  haha!  Here is one of my homeplay projects...notice the tree and fence not in focus and then infocus?!  Okay, I'll get better!